#Nordkapp 2015 – Episode 1

And finally we were packed and ready for Nordkapp. Not that nice and warm weather as last year but I think all those bags just have to contain some warm clothes 😉


Lunchbrake passed Gävle, hot soup and coffee ☺


After some nice dirt roads we arrived in Ljusdal. This was our main view from our cabin the next hole day, just looking at the never stopping rain…


We couldn’t stay in Ljusdal for ever so we headed for Umeå, a “nice” little ride of 400 km in pouring rain 😩


Just entering Umeå the KTMs rear wheel seemed a bit unstable and we realized that most of the spokes where loose! Nothing else to do buy to call a tow car and find a workshop and hope it could be fixed.


Luckily we already had a reservation on Stora Hotellet in Umeå, the coolest hotel I’ve ever seen!


So here we are now, in a steampunk inspired room, waiting for news about the KTM. But we could have it much worse ☺



5 thoughts on “#Nordkapp 2015 – Episode 1

  1. So … I’m arriving late to the blog and am anxious to hear how things turned out!
    What a cool hotel!
    I’m hoping the bike was fixed, the rain stopped, and the adventure continued!

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