Summer #gravel adventure part 2

20160710_113625_Richtone(HDR)And so we were on our way, again. And, as you can see, the roads are really straight 😉20160711_152201_Richtone(HDR)Sometimes we ended up on campsites better than others, like this one which provided both the barbecue and firewood.20160711_183520_Richtone(HDR)That night we grilled Parisians, a variation on the hamburger but with sausage.20160710_181224_Richtone(HDR)About 1½ weeks after departure, we finally reached Kautokeino. 20160713_142302_Richtone(HDR)For one of us, the trip ended at this puddle, for the other one it looked something like this: “The Old Postal Road between Kautokeino and Alta” from YouTube…IMG_2221After Kautokeino we turned south again. That last week we went down through Sweden at a relaxed pace, on nice roads.IMG_2225The last day we stopped only 200 km from home, just to enjoy one last night of camping.20160718_204123_Richtone(HDR)The adventure ended up at about 4500 km in 18 days, almost entirely on gravel roads. We didn’t always followed our route, but sometimes you don’t have to suffer through days of pouring rain just because. It is, after all, not the destination but the journey:)


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