#Hiking in The High Coast


Last weekend we went hiking in the High Coast. We took a dayhike up to the top of Skuleberget (Skule Mountain). A beautiful trail up along the southern mountainside. For dayhikes Skule Mountain and Skule National park are perfect. If you want, you can also take the 250 metre high east climbing trail, Via Ferrata to the top.


We stayed in Örnsköldsvik for the weekend, where we had the most amazing dinner! In a small restaurant, Linnea & Peter we ate at the Chef’s Table. Four hours of fantastic dishes (chef’s choice) mostly with local ingredients and carefully chosen surprising beverage choices. Our greatest dining experience ever!


#Autumn in the archipelago

morningThe only trip we made this fall is a weekend in the archipelago. All our time has been spent on working. It still feels OK as we travel south after Christmas.20161001_162137_richtonehdrThe weekend in the archipelago was mostly spent by the fire. We grilled and relaxed in the autumn sun.20160910_145557_richtonehdrOur motorcycles are now in their winter storage. A few tough weeks remaining before Christmas and in January we once again pack our bags and head south…. 🙂

#Mölle and Kullen Lighthouse

2016-07-29 12.21.11On our way home from Bremen this summer, instead of just going straight home, we chose to take a detour up along the West Coast and Kullaberg. The peninsula is stretching out into Kattegat and at the outermost point sits Kullen lighthouse on the very top, where we had a coffee in the sun.

The small nearby town Mölle is famous for beeing one of Sweden`s first seaside resorts for over 150 years.