Looking back #2016

The year began on the other side of the globe – in New Zealand:


#NZ Northern Island Pics

#NZ Southern Island Pics

The motorcycle season then kicked off and we took the time for a few shorter trips:


#Weekend by the sea

We then took the girls to our beautiful neighbor – Norway:


#Norway with the girls

On our summer vacation we took off for the gravel adventure to Kautokeino…:


#Summer adventure 2016

…and a shorter road trip to Bremen:


#Bremen, Germany

We spent the autumn with a couple of weekends in the archipelago:


#Autumn in the archipelago

And we thought we hadn’t traveled that much this year! …looking back at 2016 and realize that we’re so lucky to have the opportunity to do this ❤



A FoodMap Trip #Archipelago Weekend

Just had an awesome weekend in the archipelago! Finally we got a chance to get away on our bikes for a few days. Fresh autumn air, clear blue skies and perfect warmth for a bike trip.

We had got hold of a cabin right at the pier of a smaller marina. A cabin with both a fire stove inside and a place for barbecue out on the porch, just the perfect place for us! After a great day on our bikes we spent Saturday night outside by the fire with a glass of wine, until well after dark. We couldn’t have had it better!

#Midsummer overseas


alandskarta We are nearing midsummer and it must of course be celebrated. With new potatoes, pickled herring and snaps, strawberries and everything that belongs to a Swedish midsummer.
But in recent years we have tended to avoid the traditional celebration at home and happily we take our motorcycles packed with food, tent and sleeping bags and go anywhere else. This year, we’re going overseas, “all the way” to the Åland Islands in Finland, a few hours by boat from Stockholm.
As always, we expect both rain and sun, but the weather has never kept us from camping or barbecuing this season. It is part of a real Scandinavian midsummer 😉

So, on Friday morning we take off on a foretaste trip of the real summer holidays and we’re looking forward to a couple of days in the Åland archipelago. Hopefully we’ll be able to travel around the islands and see some of the surroundings before we go home.

Once back it’s work for a couple of weeks and then it’s time for summer vacation! 😀