Worst season ever!

winter storage

This weekend we took our bikes out one last time and gave them a proper cleaning. The time had come to say “thank you and goodbye” for this season and lock them up in their winter rest.

This season will go down as our lousiest so far, when it comes to kilometers. There were five shorter trips of a few days each (in Sweden and Norway), during spring and early autumn. The big summer trip we had been looking forward to, and that would give us about 5000 km, was a disaster because of a bike that broke down… 😦

Sometimes you can’t do much about it. We just have to look forward till next spring. But some memorable moments we had after all 🙂


A FoodMap Trip #Archipelago Weekend

Just had an awesome weekend in the archipelago! Finally we got a chance to get away on our bikes for a few days. Fresh autumn air, clear blue skies and perfect warmth for a bike trip.

We had got hold of a cabin right at the pier of a smaller marina. A cabin with both a fire stove inside and a place for barbecue out on the porch, just the perfect place for us! After a great day on our bikes we spent Saturday night outside by the fire with a glass of wine, until well after dark. We couldn’t have had it better!

A FoodMap Tip – Autumn cooking and #AnnieDakar2015

We’ve had the grayest and darkest November in living memory. Only 5 hours of sunshine in Stockholm on the whole month! 😦

As our bikes now are in their winter storage we now spend our time with some indoor cooking. Our latest challenge was to buy a whole coarsely cut wild boar. And we’ve had a lot of fun!

So far we’ve done a pulled pork, schnitzel and salted pork shank.

I’ve also took the time for some baking in time for the first of Advent. I made last years favorite Saffron buns with vanilla and cardamom filling. They’re just awesome!


…and last but not least, we support and look forward to follow one of Sweden’s most incredible woman Annie Seel and her latest Dakar adventure. And, even you can be a part of it:
Join the crowd-funding campaign #AnnieDakar2015