Worst season ever!

winter storage

This weekend we took our bikes out one last time and gave them a proper cleaning. The time had come to say “thank you and goodbye” for this season and lock them up in their winter rest.

This season will go down as our lousiest so far, when it comes to kilometers. There were five shorter trips of a few days each (in Sweden and Norway), during spring and early autumn. The big summer trip we had been looking forward to, and that would give us about 5000 km, was a disaster because of a bike that broke down… 😦

Sometimes you can’t do much about it. We just have to look forward till next spring. But some memorable moments we had after all 🙂


A FoodMap Trip #Nordkapp 2015

Summer trip 2015

(Rough overview of our planned ride)

Hmm…we’ve just realized this is gonna be a long one. 5000 km on just over three weeks on a bike might seems doable, on tarmac – but this one is mostly on gravel! We’ve reached the detailed planning stage for our summer trip and we now see this most likely isn’t going to be possible. Some places just have to stand back this time for it to be that kind of pleasant ride we want. Our main goal with this trip is nice dirt roads and to reach Nordkapp so we’ll have to take it from that. Either skip Kirkenäs, Lofoten or both.


To be continued…

A FoodMap Trip – Dirt roads and late summer wilderness adventure

You have to seize the moment….and so we did! Last weekend we packed our panniers and took off, the long gravel way westwards.



Exactly one year ago, I had a brand new motorbike driver’s license in my pocket. We celebrated with a 2-day trip to “The Poor Forest Wilderness Village”. Between Stockholm and Malung you will find some of the best dirt roads Sweden has to offer. And the cabins in The Wilderness Village are just made for us; no electricity or water, but a wood burning stove! And we really wanted to go back there.



We arrived after about 8 hours of great gravel riding and made ourselves at home in the cottage. We made a fire outdoors and had bbq entrecôte and red wine in the sunset. And that after a long and awesome day, fall asleep to the sound and light of a crackling fire, must probably be the best there is.



The next day we awoke to a morning of thick morning mist but it had eased before we were ready to set off for home.



Sweden showed itself from its very best side these two days. Bright sunshine, clear blue skies and just the right temperature for motorcycling. For once, we took the same route back. Just because of the awesome roads och amazing scenery.