Looking back #2016

The year began on the other side of the globe – in New Zealand:


#NZ Northern Island Pics

#NZ Southern Island Pics

The motorcycle season then kicked off and we took the time for a few shorter trips:


#Weekend by the sea

We then took the girls to our beautiful neighbor – Norway:


#Norway with the girls

On our summer vacation we took off for the gravel adventure to Kautokeino…:


#Summer adventure 2016

…and a shorter road trip to Bremen:


#Bremen, Germany

We spent the autumn with a couple of weekends in the archipelago:


#Autumn in the archipelago

And we thought we hadn’t traveled that much this year! …looking back at 2016 and realize that we’re so lucky to have the opportunity to do this ❤



#Summer adventure 2016

Deep Forest

On Google Maps: The Route

Hopefully we’ll have better luck this time 😉 Last year was a bit disappointing when one of our bikes broke down after only 600 km….(#Nordkapp 2015 – Episode 1)

So, now we give it another try to take the dirt road from Stockholm and (almost) up to the North Cape 🙂

#Norway with the girls


Dalsnibba ( 1,476 m / 4,843 ft )

For several years we’ve traveled around Norway, both by car and on the bikes. We’ve traveled in all directions, in different seasons and in all types of weather. Now it was time to show the girls everything we’ve talked so much about.

For five days we traveled around Norway, in the most incredible weather we’ve ever had!

They got to see some of the highlights such as the city of Bergen on the west coast, Hardangervidda, Trollstigen, Dalsnibba and Geiranger.