#Summer adventure 2016

Deep Forest

On Google Maps: The Route

Hopefully we’ll have better luck this time 😉 Last year was a bit disappointing when one of our bikes broke down after only 600 km….(#Nordkapp 2015 – Episode 1)

So, now we give it another try to take the dirt road from Stockholm and (almost) up to the North Cape 🙂


#2015 draws to a close


So have a pleasant and restful Christmas come to an end. Finally, even Stockholm got a touch of snow. No trips are planned this leave, as we will go far, far away in about a month … 😉

Last New Year’s Eve we had an incredibly delicious dinner with Västerbottens cheese in the starter, the main course and the dessert.

Starter: Lobsters au gratin

Main dish: Wild boar fillet with potato au gratin

Dessert: Puff pastry baked cheese with cloudberries


This New Year’s menu is still under construction but I think we’ll go in the seafood and whitefish roe direction 🙂

A FoodMap Tip – CCM #GP450 Adventure test ride

Last weekend we thought we would have our bikes out, but things didn’t work out as planned. The BMW is home but not in that good condition and the KTM didn’t start.

Instead we went on a test ride on the new CCM GP450 Adventure as the CCM test ride fleet payed Stockholm, Sweden a visit.









A great light-weight adventure bike for off-road rides, made for longer trips with packing. The seat height on the lowered version was perfect for someone my length (160 cm / 5’35 ft) and it’s half the weight as the BMW F650GS or KTM 990 Adventure.

On gravel and off road it was awesome! Light and easy managed. Would absoluetly be a fun bike for us and the way we mostly ride.

On freeways and at higher speed it’s not the most perfect bike. Another, and sometimes an important thing is the prize, from  £8000 pounds / $12000 USD which is pretty much.

So, this season I think we stick to what we got, but it’s absolutly an interesting new bike ☺ …hopefully we’ll get our bikes “ready to race” in a couple of weeks.