A FoodMap Tip – 52 Swedish Dishes

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52 Swedish dishes

Swedish Dishes
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A FoodMap Tip – A weekend in #Stockholm

We’re often very good at traveling and discovering the world, but sometimes you don’t need to go that far for some nice pastime. Fall’s a great time to take advantage of the unplanned weekends and be a tourist in your hometown.

Take us, for example, who live in the capital of Sweden, on Södermalm in the heart of Stockholm (#3 on Vogues list of The Coolest Neighborhoods in the World). An overcast Saturday or Sunday we just need to step outside the door to take part of all that our own city has to offer.


A Saturday, one can spend on some shopping if you like. Stroll along Götgatan and all its stores. Clothing and fashion, shoes or other “necessary” accessories. One can have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a freshly baked cinnamon bun at Gunnarson’s cafe.


The evening can be spent with a drink in the hotel bar at the Clarion Hotel and then continue with some Swedish fare such as mashed turnips and pork shank at the venerable restaurant Pelikan. Södermalm then has a thousand places if you want to continue your night out before bedtime.

Clarion Hotel


Sundays are made for sleeping late and long walks. We are fortunate to have both the proximity to urban life as the water. Around Årstaviken is a beautiful and popular walking route.


Sports and mainly football (soccer) is a big part of our life. We follow Hammarby or Bajen as they’re called, in good times and bad. Their home arena “The New Söderstadion”, is located within walking distance, just on the other side of Årstaviken. A regular Sunday we walk across the bridge and see them win, or lose. The walk home afterwards, is sometimes very easy sometimes a bit heavier 😉


And this weekend I’ve been doing almost just like this 🙂

A FoodMap Recipe – Crayfish season

kräftskivaThis time of year it’s crayfish season here in Sweden. Everyone gathering with friends and family for a crayfish party (“kräftskiva”) putting on funny hats and eat these dill cooked delicacies. Common accessories are bread, a spicy cheese, Västerbotten Cheese Pie and a good beer and schnapps. Either buy pre-cooked from the store or you have the opportunity to fish and cook your own:


Cooked crayfish

1 kg live crayfish cooked in:
2.5 l of water
1 cup coarse salt
3 bunch dill without stalks
1 beer
3 sugar cubes

1. Boil just water in a large pot. In another pot you bring to a boil, water, beer, salt, sugar cubes and dill.

2. Check that all crayfish are alive and rinse them in cold water. Put down 25 crayfish, about 1 kilo at a time into the boiling water. Take them out after 1 minute with a slotted spoon and place them directly in the other pot. Cook them for 8-10 minutes and let them cool in the pot.


(Recipe from alltommat.se)