Time for a change!

It’s been quite a while since my last post…and we’ve had the poorest travel year ever! Last spring we sold our bikes. It would’ve been too costly to fix one of them and where would we actually want to ride next?

Our recent long journeys discovering New Zealand and Australia by car made us reevaluate that kind of way of traveling. On our wish list was to see more of Europe. Autobahn on a motorbike is not our way of riding (we who just love dirt roads!) so maybe it was time for a change.


We started out last summer with the countries around the Baltic Sea. Still in our old car, a VW Polo and with almost the same equipment as on our bike rides (tent, gas stove etc). The only new luxury was a cooling box.

We started by sea from Stockholm to Tallin, Estonia and went all the way round the Baltic Sea and visited several of the old Hansa cities such as Riga, Stralsund and Lübeck.

As soon as we came home we started save up some money for a new car 😉 This summer we will continue our Europe adventures!


#Hiking in The High Coast


Last weekend we went hiking in the High Coast. We took a dayhike up to the top of Skuleberget (Skule Mountain). A beautiful trail up along the southern mountainside. For dayhikes Skule Mountain and Skule National park are perfect. If you want, you can also take the 250 metre high east climbing trail, Via Ferrata to the top.


We stayed in Örnsköldsvik for the weekend, where we had the most amazing dinner! In a small restaurant, Linnea & Peter we ate at the Chef’s Table. Four hours of fantastic dishes (chef’s choice) mostly with local ingredients and carefully chosen surprising beverage choices. Our greatest dining experience ever!

 Easter in #Copenhagen


We spent Easter Holiday in Copenhagen, at the great hotel 71 Nyhavn, an old warehouse located right by the canal in Nyhavn.

Cold and rainy but cozy anyway. Hot chocolate at Hotel Chocolat kept us warm and delicious smørrebrød, schnapps and beer kept us saturated.

We defined the rain and did some sightseeing as well, for example Den lille havfrue, The Round Tower and  of course Strøget.