#Mölle and Kullen Lighthouse

2016-07-29 12.21.11On our way home from Bremen this summer, instead of just going straight home, we chose to take a detour up along the West Coast and Kullaberg. The peninsula is stretching out into Kattegat and at the outermost point sits Kullen lighthouse on the very top, where we had a coffee in the sun.

The small nearby town Mölle is famous for beeing one of Sweden`s first seaside resorts for over 150 years.



Summer #gravel adventure part 2

20160710_113625_Richtone(HDR)And so we were on our way, again. And, as you can see, the roads are really straight 😉20160711_152201_Richtone(HDR)Sometimes we ended up on campsites better than others, like this one which provided both the barbecue and firewood.20160711_183520_Richtone(HDR)That night we grilled Parisians, a variation on the hamburger but with sausage.20160710_181224_Richtone(HDR)About 1½ weeks after departure, we finally reached Kautokeino. 20160713_142302_Richtone(HDR)For one of us, the trip ended at this puddle, for the other one it looked something like this: “The Old Postal Road between Kautokeino and Alta” from YouTube…IMG_2221After Kautokeino we turned south again. That last week we went down through Sweden at a relaxed pace, on nice roads.IMG_2225The last day we stopped only 200 km from home, just to enjoy one last night of camping.20160718_204123_Richtone(HDR)The adventure ended up at about 4500 km in 18 days, almost entirely on gravel roads. We didn’t always followed our route, but sometimes you don’t have to suffer through days of pouring rain just because. It is, after all, not the destination but the journey:)

Summer #gravel adventure part 1

IMG_2197And so we were on our way! In nice weather and on awesome gravel, trying to reach The Old Postal Road between Kautokeino and Alta in Norway about 2000 km up north, and do it almost only on dirt roads 🙂 Our planned route: Summer adventure 201620160703_185713_Richtone(HDR)20160703_190258_Richtone(HDR)We traveled north for a few days. Stayed on nice campsites and of course also did some cooking, like this Spaghetti Carbonara 😉IMG_2206The further up in Sweden you go, the roads become straighter. And fewer.20160704_163958_Richtone(HDR)IMG_2212But the scenery is beautiful! The mountains become higher and the rivers more wild.20160708_111512_Richtone(HDR)After a couple of days on the road and about halfways, we ended up in the middle of several storms. After consideration, we decided to turn back south in anticipation of better weather.

So, we then took a little ride around Stekenjokk for a few days.20160708_113919_Richtone(HDR)20160708_115700_Richtone(HDR)There, we had the most delicious flatbread clamp with smoked trout!20160708_130027_Richtone(HDR)After a few days the weather looked better up north so we turned back and continued our route…IMG_2228